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You like Hip-Hop? You like Reggae music? You like bass that makes your rump shake and your chest vibrate? You like getting lifted? You like Flowmads. Come on now.

Combining hip-hop and reggae foundations with bass music production and rebellious charisma, the Flowmads’ elicit high energy and high vibes in their performances and offer a fusion of styles that’s classic yet innovative. The duo employs a classic B-boy interplay and crowd participation with undeniable lyrical tenacity into an experience that borders on the familiar yet evokes a new and fresh taste of modern times. Contrasting rhyme styles, memorable tracks and the fusion of worldly genres have landed Seancy & Cizflow squarely in the hearts of a wide variety of music lovers. 


The Flowmads began their collaboration in 2017 after a serendipitous meeting within the SoCal reggae & hip-hop scenes. A determined passion has blessed the two MC’s to combine forces with artists like KBong of Stick Figure, J.Latey, Zion I, Scarub of Living Legends and Luke Rain. Addressing the need for balance, Flowmads' music distills the human experience into a futuristic view of hope. Their deep rooted love for eclectic music and a penchant for the eccentric has helped them thrive since their humble beginnings in San Diego, CA. 




  1. a traveler with the intent to flow, rhyme and spread good vibes through music, community and honest expression





  1. belonging to a tribe of curious wanderers and conscious explorers

  2. living the life of a flowmad; wandering; flowing;



Release Copy

Love Dealers

In one of his last songs ever written, Zumbi (legendary MC of Zion I) delivers a much needed rap tonic. Funky and alive, ‘Love Dealers’ puts an ironic twist on the image of drug dealers, revealing the greatest drug of all–Love. Hints of dub reggae, 808s & funk basses form a retro foundation for a classic boom-bap hit that feels like it jumped out of the 70’s. Rest In Power Zumbi. All proceeds for the 1st year will be donated to help Zumbi’s family. 

Better Than Yesterday
Take a breath and prepare to change your destiny with this potent ethereal nod to Ghandi. Flowmads, the rap-reggae duo from San Diego, stir audiences through storytelling and eclectic reggae infused beats. The galvanizing call for self-betterment was the result of a birthday gift from producer Seancy to rapper Cizlow in the form of this instrumental that pulses with deep sub riddims, a tight kit and stirring female vocal harmonies.

The Realness

Explore the eclectic reggae foundations of hip-hop duo, Flowmads, as they keep it real on their latest heady, bassed-up banger The Realness. Swagger and positivity explode in this modern take on classic roots riddims with a potent twist. With tons of gritty bass to feed your appetite and an infectious melody, The Realness will have you reaching for repeat.


In their powerful new song ‘Lighthouse’, Flowmads join forces with eclectic NorCal rapper J.Lately to convey meaningful and uplifting message: Be a Lighthouse for those around you in the midst of cloudy uncertainty. We're all guiding lights in the darkness to help each other home. Lighthouse blends electronic and reggae elements with edifying rap lyrics that makes for an empowering, energetic experience.

Walk With The Sun
In their first release of 2021, Walk With The Sun (with Flowmads) produced by Seancy and E.N Young, the duo team up with KBong to be featured on his new album Let Love Lead. The track blends reggae elements with charismatic rap lyrics that makes for a smooth groove at the beach or on the dance floor. Release is to be supported by various unique assets & comprehensive ad campaign.

Flow Gee La

Their latest release, Flow Gee Law, brings boom bap foundations that collide with dub reggae melodies and deep bass music production. This is a legendary new take on a hip hop classic. Paying tribute to the Fugees, Flowmads cover all the bases of reggae, hip hop and beyond with this futuristic rendition. Attitude and grit are the main M.O. for this duo.

Recent Tours

KBong & Johnny Cosmic, Making Friends Tour - October 2022

Gary Dread X Rick Haze - Janaury 2022

Leilani  Wolfgramm - November 2021

Kbong & Johnny Cosmic - October 2021

 Scarub of Living Legends - Fall 2019

Direct Support

Tribal Seeds

Through the Roots


J Boog

Stick Figure


Leilani Wolfgram

Aloha Radio

AJ Froman

Gary Dread

Rick Haze

Vokab Company



Chali 2na



Zion I

Gift of Gab


Z man


Promo Shots


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// vocals // production


Producer, rapper and songwriter based out of  Ocean Beach, San Diego, Seancy has been capturing audiences’ imaginations with his eclectic production style and lyrical sincerity for over a decade, sculpting a style that effortlesly couples throwback sample-ridden boom-bap beats, velvety synthesizers and wompy bass lines.


// rhymes // mc


Hailing from the 8O8 state of HI, Cizflow aka "Braddah Flow" brings his iconic lightining fast, machine gun flow over laid back futuristic reggae vibes for an unmatched combo. With two decades of rap credentials under his belt, including success in the reggae band Hi-Roots and chops in the battle rap arena, he's an undeniable crowd-pleaser and masterful mc. Be on the look out for witty and soulful punchlines to sweep you up in a positive way.


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